The Teams Behind the Themes: iThemes

As you embark on your website-building journey, you will quickly learn that the community developing website themes, templates, and plugins is tight-knit and small.

Websites like ThemeForest offer user discussion areas where members can compliment and critique user-created themes. Some of the larger developers even have their own websites and support teams to help you use their products.

In the interest of highlighting The Teams Behind the Themes, WPThemesChecker is proud to showcase iThemes.

The iThemes Team

Founded in 2008, iThemes is headquarted in Oklahoma City and is managed and run by a team consisting of over 20 team members. The company’s CEO, Cory Miller, is a former journalist who became a full-time entrepreneur to fill a void that he saw in the web design world.

When iThemes was named the seventh fastest growing company in Oklahoma City in 2011, Cory realized that his perception about the market was right and he now continues to grow his company in addition to helping others build the website of their dreams.

The rest of the team is equally motivated and talented, producing themes and plugins that are used by countless websites all over the world.

The iThemes Themes Catalog

ithemes templates

iThemes has a catalog of over 100 different themes to choose from. They all run on the company’s core product, Builder.

Builder enables anyone to take a theme of their choice and quickly and easily change any element, including the header, sidebar, widgets, and even the layout, without the need for coding experience.

Users can choose to purchase single themes or pay for the Developer Pack, which grants access to all of the available themes.

The theme selection at iThemes is crisp, modern, and highly functional. Whether you are building a new personal site, a page for your business, or even an eCommerce store, there is a theme to meet your needs.

iThemes Plugins

iThemes plugins

As popular as the Builder platform is, iThemes has an even greater number of clients using the company’s proprietary plugins.  They include:


If you have a WordPress website, a backup plan is essential to ensure that you never lose your data in the event of a hack, server failure, malware, user error, or other issue. That is probably why iThemes’ BackupBuddy plugin is their most popular one.

BackupBuddy can be set to automatically back up, restore, and move your WordPress website if you ever change hosts. It provides users with the peace of mind that their website content will always be secure, be it posts, pages, theme settings, and even widgets.


Now that everyone has access to a diverse set of tools to create amazing and beautiful websites, it’s important to differentiate yourself with a truly unique website. DisplayBuddy enables you to do that with a collection of 11 tools. They include:

  • BoomBar – Create customizable notification bars.
  • Tipsy – Enhanced on-page pop-up tips and tricks for your visitors.
  • Rotating Text – Animated text that pulls eyes towards your most important points.
  • Slides – Make custom slideshows with images and text.

iThemes Security Pro

A security suite is necessary for any WordPress site, but few people understand how to implement it. Security Pro takes the guesswork out of the process, changing your website from an easy target to Fort Knox!

The plugin helps protect your site from unwanted file changes, brute force attacks, and 404 errors. Additionally, it enforces strong passwords, locks out bad users, and can even prevent anyone from making changes during hours that you specify.

The iThemes Blog

iThemes blog

As all marketing professionals understand, no website is complete without a blog. Unfortunately, most people believe that ANY content is better than no content, but that is simply untrue. From reading through (and subscribing to) the iThemes blog, it is clear that they understand this, too.

Not only is their content informative and interesting, it is created by some of the best known WordPress users out there and can provide you with tons of free information that will turn your good website into a GREAT one!

We hope you enjoyed our overview of iThemes and we encourage you to check out their website and themes selection. Let us know which of their themes is your favorite in the comments and if you would like to be featured on WPThemesChecker, don’t hesitate to reach out

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