Five Methods to Monetize Your Blog

Creating your blog’s design is the easiest part of your online business venture. Let’s say you already have a strong reader base and you want to turn that into profit. Here are the top 5 ways of monetizing your blog:

Direct Advertising Sales

You can use your blog as an advertising target through banners and texts. Simply put, imagine that you own a billboard and a company pays you to place their ad on it. There are two main payment agreements for this method: pay-per-click and pay-per-impression. The pay-per-click agreement will bring you money whenever a visitor of your blog clicks on the banners on your site. The pay-per-impression also referred as CPM, will pay you a fixed sum for every thousand visitors of your site in a month. If the CPM rate of your agreement is $4 and you have 100.000 visitors in a month, you will make $400 out of your blog. People usually use the CPM agreement because it offers a steady income. In case you can’t find people who want to advertise on your website on your own, the answer comes from an advertising marketplace. Websites like BuySellAds are places where you can find lots of companies that are willing to pay for direct advertising.

Advertising Networks

images (341x148)The advertising networks are based on the same concept as direct advertising, but the process is fully automated. You don’t get in contact with the company you advertise for and the banners and texts are based on your content, not on your choice. Advertising networks usually use the pay per click method. The most popular advertising network is Google Adsense.

Affiliate Programs

RevCake-Logo-by-Sona-Psotova-650x487 (630x472) (400x300)Affiliate programs are some of the best methods for monetizing your blog. You choose what to advertise and you have the chance to get a higher profit out of it. There are several paying agreements, but the most profitable is the pay per sale method. With the pay per sale agreement you get a commission from every purchase visitors make from the site you are affiliated to. Different affiliate programs can have different revenue share, starting from 2% and going up to 50%. Revcake is a great platform where you can get up to 50% from the sale!

Paid posts

Many bloggers who have popularity choose this form of monetizing. If a company, let’s say a beach resort, wants you to talk about them in one of your blogs, they will pay you to do so. This is based on the fact that your readers have trust in your opinion, and they will take this post as a piece of advice and visit the mentioned beach resort. This also works great with product reviews. Some bloggers even receive free products in the mail, like laptops or smartphones, just to use them and write a review about them without having to return them.

Premium posts and memberships

When you want to write about a topic using an in depth approach, ask your readers to pay for reading these materials. Information costs money, but you have to offer quality if you want the readers to pay for it. You have two ways of making this method profitable. The first one is to sell the content directly, usually in the form of an e-book.  The second one is to have a membership area and allow the access to the readers based on a monthly or yearly membership.

Monetizing your blog is not a hard thing to do, but you have to be patient. The method you use is important, but even more important is having a big audience. Keep offering high quality content and the results of the monetizing campaign will come soon.

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