The Ten Education Related Themes You Need This Winter

Education is one of the few things that people, and especially parents, are always ready to spend a lot of money on. If you can convince people that you have the best school, work shop, course hall, or kindergarten, you will see a notable increase in earnings. But how do you do that – by having the right type of website to promote what you do and why you do it the best.

1. Universe

If you want your university, school, or education-related facility to become one of the best possible, you first need to present it in a becoming way. You might be the best, but if people are unable to see that, then it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take much effort to put up a website where you can show why you are on top of the food chain.

Universe_2014-09-13_17-36-24 (630x296) (630x296)

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That stands for WordPress Learning Management System and it’s one of the best themes of its kind on the market at this very moment. WPLMS allows you to create courses, and create a database of courses, which you can sell to students, or let them subscribe and access those courses. Integrated with bbPress, you are able to create a community where students can interact.

Home_-_WPLMS_2014-09-13_17-43-01 (630x296)

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3. Statfort

Statfort is a theme created for universities and schools. It has all of the features required for a websmaster to easily describe why your education institution is the best there is. The advanced theme panel has lots of features which allow you to personalize the website and bring in the school spirit.

StatFort_Living_Good_growing_t2014-09-13_17-44-23 (630x296)

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4. Carry Hill School

This is the theme you want to choose if you’re targeting young children, or children just about to go to middle school. This has just the right aura about it which makes parents feel secure about your school or kindergarten. Of course, a lot will depend on what you put in that website, but Carry Hill School is a great base for your website project.

Carry_Hill_Just_another_Aislin2014-09-13_17-46-25 (630x296)

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5. Kids Zone

This is a great choice if you want to create a website which is interesting to children and full of useful information for parents. You can use Kids Zone if you have a kindergarten, or any type of extra curricular activity. The theme offers you a great chance of promoting what you do and convince parents that you are one of the best that do it.

KidsZone_WordPress_Theme_Just_2014-09-13_17-48-28 (630x296)

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6. Kindergarten

We’ve reviewed a theme with the same name in the past, but this is a different one. This is a theme which is much more oriented towards a child-like design which makes parents feel more comfortable. A great choice if you want a theme that will be very well perceived by little children.

Kindergarten_WordPress_Theme_J2014-09-13_17-51-36 (630x296)

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7. Edu

Edu is a sophisticated course platform which allows you to create courses and sell them to wanting students. The design is very simple and professionally built, and the features that come with the theme are endless. WPML ready means that you can translate your courses into any language you want!

Educational_&_Courses_Just_ano2014-09-13_17-53-31 (630x296)

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8. Campus

Campus will help you build a suitable website for your university and convince future students and undergraduates that you are the best in the area. The theme allows you to easily give information about courses, programs, scholarships, and extra curricular activities. All in all, a great starting point for your university’s website.

Campus_Premium_Multipurpose_Wo2014-09-13_17-55-23 (630x296)

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9. Driving School

Although the name of the theme might narrow down the topic, Driving School is actually a fitting theme for schools and universities in general. Perhaps the best use might be for a driving school, but due to the great admin panel it’s usable in various scenarios!

DrivingSchool_Just_another_Wor2014-09-13_17-59-06 (630x296)

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10. ParkCollege

This is a perfect theme for those who want to create a simple website, full of useful information to both current and future students. It’s a minimalist design theme with lots of features and customization capabilities. Give it a test run and see for yourself.

ParkCollege_A_WP_Theme_for_Lea2014-09-13_18-00-30 (630x296)

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Choose the right theme and you will be able to convince anyone that you have the best courses, university, or school. As long as you add a personal touch you will see great success.



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