The Best Looking Minimal Themes for This Winter

Minimal themes might look too simple, but they have a certain type of beauty about them. They don’t use too many colors and modules, but they are able to convey your message to the world perfectly. There aren’t that many minimal WordPress themes, but there are certainly a few that will catch any eye. This is the collection where you will find the best minimal themes which you can use for your website. They are going to be for different types of websites, so you will be able to find a theme for you, regardless of what your website is about.

1. OM

OM is a minimal theme for bloggers and people who want to tell stories to the world while having a simple and good looking design. The theme takes full advantage of images, and allows you to add thumbnails to your posts which will be displayed on the homepage in great resolution. With the 3 different layouts, you will be able to set your website to look like you want it to. The admin panel also holds lots of things which you can edit to create a better personalized website.

Om_A_Creative’s_Daily_Dose_2015-01-11_12-07-55 (630x296)

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2. InfinityGrid

This is a theme, with a grid layout, that will allow your users to scroll down as long as you have posts to show them. InfinityGrid takes advantage of the lazy loading concept, which loads only a portion of your posts until the visitors scroll down to a certain point. There are lots of social settings and sharing options built in the theme. Based on Bootstrap, there is a guarantee that the theme is a quality product.

InfinityGrid_theme_2015-01-11_12-11-50 (630x296)

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3. Implicit

Implicit is a great magazine theme, which takes full advantage of the features which HTML5 and CSS3 allow developers to incorporate into websites. Implicit has some great hover effects, as well as other animations. With an in-built rating system, you can also create review websites and the mobile optimized layout is something that will certainly fancy to your ‘mobile audience’.

Implicit_know_the_now…_2015-01-11_12-12-49 (630x296)

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4. Skilt

Skilt is another modern blogging theme with a very nice looking design. The live customizer allows you to make changes to your website, seeing them live, and if you like how the website looks – save them. There are CSS3 features incorporated that allow you to apply effects to the photos that you upload. The built in like system will quickly prove useful and show which your most liked posts and pages are.

Skilt_Just_another_Awesome_the2015-01-11_12-15-15 (630x296)

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5. Readable

This is a theme that is focused entirely on readability. Whether you want to create a themed website, a blog, or even a news website, this is the theme that you should  be looking forward to. The theme has been coded very well and is SEO optimized, and also has several SEO settings which you can alter. With the custom shortcodes, you will be able to quickly import content and widgets into posts and pages.

Readable_Just_another_ProteusT2015-01-11_12-18-15 (630x296)

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6. LuxMag

A minimal theme for magazines. Even though that is far away from the convention, that doesn’t mean that you can create good looking websites with such themes. LuxMag is an example of that – you can quickly change design and layout settings and personalize the theme to your liking. With responsiveness and retina readiness, the theme is perfect for browsing from mobile devices.

LuxMag_2015-01-11_12-20-04 (630x296)

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7. The Breaking News

Do you need a minimal theme for a news website? The Breaking News is a theme which can do a great job of presenting the latest news to your visitors. There are custom post settings, and another thing with which the theme is popular is the fast loading speeds which allow you to put a bit more content without worrying about slow loading pages.

The_Breaking_News_-_Clean_and_2015-01-11_12-27-01 (630x296)

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8. Calcium

Calcium is a multipurpose theme which you can use for a blog or a portfolio. The grid layout allows you to choose between the two. The extensive admin panel is perfect for those of you who are looking to personalize a website and taking that endeavor to the next level. The hover effects of Calcium are just great.

Calcium_-_Portfolio_and_Bloggi2015-01-11_12-30-04 (630x292)

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9. Literatum

This is another theme which is entirely focused on readability. There are few themes that are able to pull off a design like this successfully. Literatum is certainly a theme which you should consider for your next blog, or themed website. This is a perfect theme for traveling bloggers. There is even the possibility of you setting a video as the cover of your homepage.

Literatum_-_Just_another_WordP2015-01-11_12-31-34 (630x296)

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10. Udita

Udita is the second theme in this collection which can be either a blog or a portfolio. It has a great design and several different layout settings which allow you to change how it looks. Udita is considered as one of the most classy themes currently available on the minimal theme market. Packed with Revolution Slider, you can create stunning slideshows.

Udita_Premium_Wordpress_Theme_2015-01-11_12-33-59 (630x296)

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These are the best minimal themes which you can use this winter. Most of them serve a few purposes, but that doesn’t mean that they are bad at it. The themes, though looking simple, are very complex and have many features which allow you to customize, and add additional functionalities to your website.


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