Ten Education Related WordPress Layouts to Consider This Fall

Have you ever thought of starting your own online course website. Or do you want to create a website for your school, kindergarten, or university. Well, you know that the easiest way to do so is by using WordPress. But what themes should you use? Here are ten of the themes we think that will be the best of use to you.

1. LMS

Short for Learning Management System, LMS is a great theme if you have lots of courses which you want to sell or allow people to subscribe to. With LMS you can create a large database of courses, and you can choose on a subscription scheme, depending on your monetization strategy.

 LMS_Learning_Management_WordPr2014-09-13_17-09-11 (630x296)

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2. HappyChild

HappyChild is a theme for kindergartens, schools, or courses, which means that it comes with 3 predefined skins for each purpose. This is a great theme, oriented towards children, with vivid colors and easy to use interface. The theme has fast loading speeds and it has lots of features to help you build the perfect website.

HappyChild_Shool_2014-09-13_17-12-16 (630x296)

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3. Clever Course

This is another great theme if you are planning on creating courses and selling them online. Clever Course has a great design and lots of features to help you present and teach your courses better than anyone else. With PayPal payment integration, you can easily charge your students for their courses.

Clever_Course_2014-09-13_17-14-06 (630x296)

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4. Buntington

Buntington is a great theme for schools and universities. It makes great use if you are using it to present your students with information about courses, classrooms, and events happening on campus. With its clean and simple design, and responsiveness, the theme has very short loading times on any type of device.

Buntington_Public_Schools_Just2014-09-13_17-16-00 (630x296)

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5. University

A beautiful theme with parallax effects. But looks aren’t everything to this theme. It has a really nice layout, which promotes content identification and stimulates users to click and read the articles. With University come several different predefined designs which you can build upon for your website.

University_2014-09-13_17-18-12 (630x296)

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6. Bambino

Your ultimate all-in-one theme for anything related to toddlers – kindergartens, day cares, nurseries, and even babysitter agencies. With Bambino you can easily create a simple website, with a great baby-like design which sets the mood just right. The theme comes with lots of features which you can use to improve the design and layout of your website.

Bambino_2014-09-13_17-20-12 (630x296)

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7. Kindergarten

The title of the theme says it all. If you want your kindergarten’s website to look professionally and appeal to both the kids and the parents, then this is just the theme for you. The advanced theme options panel allows you to easily customize even the smallest of details, and the features and sliders allow you to present your content in an exquisite way.

Kindergarten_Premium_Children_2014-09-13_17-22-38 (630x296)

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8. Guru

This is the theme that has everything you need in order to run a successful course or education website. bbPress, Sensei, Event calender, Mail Chimp, and WooCommerce are just a few of the plugins you get when you acquire this theme. Guru is one of the most sophisticated themes of its kind and it’s a recommend for both novice and advanced users.

Learning_Management_System_Wor2014-09-13_17-24-29 (630x296)

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9. Crafty Hands

Crafty hands is a course theme which not only allows you to create and sell courses, but it also has great video features embedded inside the theme. With Crafty Hands you can easily create any type of workdshop or course, without having to worry about the execution and the final look of the products. It will always be perfect.

Crafty_Hands_2014-09-13_17-28-16 (630x292)

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10. Magicreche

Parents take great caution when choosing a kindergarten for their children. Lots of little details play an important role in the decision-making process of a parent. If you have a kindergarten and you want to convince parents that you are the right choice for their children, then you need Magicreche. There’s no theme that will help you present your kindergarten in a brighter light.

Magicreche._Wordpress_theme_fo2014-09-13_17-30-21 (630x296)

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As with any business, having the right type of website can change a lot in a person’s opinion about you. If you want to have a successful course business, or you want your kindergarten to flourish, then you should take any of these themes. They are the best on the market at the moment, and they are designed in the latest web trends.


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