How Do I Make a PDF Thumbnail in WordPress?

Making a PDF thumbnail in WordPress is easy. All you need is a plugin and a few simple steps. The plugin you need is called WP Thumbnail and it is available on the plugin repository.

The plugin requires no installation and just requires you to add a few lines of code to your WordPress blog’s functions.php file. Once you have installed the plugin and added the code, all you need to do is create a thumbnail for each PDF file on your blog and then set the Thumbnail size for each file. To create a thumbnail for a PDF file, simply enter the following code into your blog’s functions.php file:.

wp_thumbnail( array( ‘src’ => ‘file:///path/to/file.pdf’, ‘title’ => ‘Sample PDF Thumbnail Title’, ‘alt’ => ‘Sample PDF Thumbnail Text’, ‘width’ => 150, ‘height’ => 150, ‘quality’ => 75, ‘format’ => ‘jpg’, ‘crop’ => ‘fill’ ) ) );

The src parameter specifies the path to the PDF file you are thumbnailing. The title parameter sets the title of the thumbnail, the alt parameter sets the text that will be shown beneath the thumbnail, the width and height parameters set the size of the thumbnail, and the quality parameter sets the compression level of the thumbnail.

The format parameter can be set to ‘jpg’ to produce a jpeg thumbnail, ‘png’ to produce a png thumbnail, or ‘gif’ to produce a gif thumbnail. The crop parameter can be set to ‘fill’ to produce a filled-in thumbnail, ‘rect’ to produce a rectangular thumbnail, or ‘none’ to produce a non-thumbnail image.