How Do I Change My WordPress Dashboard Logo?

Changing your WordPress dashboard logo can be a relatively easy process, depending on your current logo setup. If your logo is embedded within your WordPress theme files, you will need to find and replace the files with your new logo.

If your logo is stored externally, you will need to upload the new logo to your WordPress server and specify where it should be placed within your theme files.

Once your logo has been uploaded, you will need to make a few minor changes to your WordPress settings. Within your WordPress admin area, navigate to Appearance > Themes. Within the Themes section, select the theme you wish to modify and click on the “Design” tab. Within the Design tab, you will find a section called Logo.

Within this section, you will need to replace the current logo with your new one. Additionally, you will need to specify where your new logo should be placed within your theme files. To do this, you will need to select the “Upload a Logo” button and upload your new logo. Finally, you will need to specify a height and width for your logo, and click on the “Save Changes” button.

Once you have made all of the necessary changes, you will need to preview your theme to make sure that the changes have been made correctly. If everything looks correct, you can then save your changes and preview your theme again to ensure that the changes have taken effect.

If everything looks correct, you can then go ahead and publish your updated theme.