The Teams Behind the Themes: WPExplorer

As you embark on your website-building journey, you will quickly learn that the community developing website themes, templates, and plugins is tight-knit and small.

Websites like ThemeForest offer user discussion areas where members can compliment and critique user-created themes. Some of the larger developers even have their own websites and support teams to help you use their products.

In the interest of highlighting The Teams Behind the Themes, WPThemesChecker is proud to showcase WPExplorer.

The WPExplorer Team

WPExplorer was founded in 2009 by a coder and prolific blogger, Alexander Clarke. The site provides the latest news about WordPress, website themes, plugins, tutorials, and even giveaways.

A self-taught WordPress pro, Clarke began using WordPress when an internship he took on during college put him in charge of site building and maintenance. Once completed, the enterprising Clarke decided to create a site of his own. He saw that the market was hungry for a better product and quickly pounced on the opportunity.

Since then, Clarke has been coding WordPress themes on his own (with the help of some friends, of course) and an ear to the ground. His high-quality templates are cleanly coded and feature designs influenced by the latest internet trends.

Always focused on the user, Alexander created his own custom admin panel that makes it easy to make website changes in a snap. This dedication to the WordPress community as a whole has been greatly rewarded and now WPExplorer claims some of the best selling themes on ThemeForest.

The WP Explorer Themes Catalog

WPExplorer Themes Catalog

WPExplorer currently offers over 20 different WordPress themes on ThemeForest. This serves as the company’s main source of revenue, although they also sell themes on behalf of other creators on their website.

The company doesn’t partner with just any companies, however. The themes featured on WPExplorer meet strict criteria and only those that offer a modern, easy to use, and aesthetic design make the cut.

WPExplorer’s most popular theme, Total, has over 25,000 sales and counting. This premium theme is so fully featured, that it can serve as the template for any kind of website. It includes a drag-and-drop builder, dozens of demos, over 100 building elements, a live customizer, and much more. 


Part of the secret to WPExplorer’s success is the attention to detail. Unlike many other companies which simply upload their theme and allow the user to figure out what it contains, WPExplorer provides users with a breakdown of every single feature that their themes include and descriptions of all of the demos.

This doubtlessly takes hours to compile and type, but the results speak for themselves. With an average user rating of 4.83/5 (based on 1,368 reviews), you don’t even have to take our word for it. This is not a rarity for WPExplorer, and all of the themes they offer are extremely highly rated by real users.

WPExplorer Freebies

Like all good themes companies, WPExplorer offers users a number of themes for free as a demonstration of the quality of their work and as a way of ‘giving back’ to the community.

Although these templates are more minimalist in nature than their premium assortment, they should not be written off. To the contrary, they are all of the utmost quality and are worthy of even the most discerning user’s consideration. WPExplorer Freebies

The Elegant business and portfolio theme, for example, provides a modern and professional design for small businesses, freelancers, and bloggers. It includes a customizer tool, page templates, and even a video tutorial, making it feel more like a premium-level theme.

The WPExplorer Blog

One of the ways WPExplorer has been able to cement itself as a thought leader in the website building and WordPress world is through their blog. With over 1,000 posts in categories like news, hosting, security, tips, reviews, and SEO, there is nary a relevant topic that they don’t cover.

Much of the content is written by Alexander himself, but he also defers to expert guest writers from other sites. This further demonstrates the status of WPExplorer as a trusted resource and can teach one the importance of learning from others.

For those who are considering a purchase from WPExplorer in the future, we highly recommend taking a look at the blog for special offers and discounts.

We hope you enjoyed our overview of WPExplorer and we encourage you to check out their website and themes selection. Let us know which of their themes is your favorite in the comments and if you would like to be featured on WPThemesChecker, don’t hesitate to reach out

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