WordPress Trends for 2017

WordPress has been around for 14 years now and it non-stop continues to grow and surprise us. This year is no different because this CMS wants to renew itself by introducing some new trends.

If you have a good eye for detail or are a WordPress connoisseur, you probably already have noticed a few changes (like the video headers in the theme named Twenty Seventeen). Many other trends are bound to pop up during the course of 2017, so let’s look at some of them in our overview.

An increase in mobile-first siteswordpress mobile-first sites

Nowadays most consumers prefer mobile platforms for online shopping, browsing and keeping in touch with others on social media. This means that in 2017 we’ll most definitely see a boost in the expansion of mobile-first websites for an increasing number of mobile users.

Therefore, WordPress designers must follow suit and initially design with mobile in mind. They must keep in mind the importance of website structure, general web design, and functionality. Many developers are making use of Bootstrap, this is a mobile-first flexbox grid system for building layouts. Since also Google is in favor of mobile-first websites, we can be sure that this trend is not fading anytime soon.

We know that there are already plenty of fully responsive themes out there, but in 2017 you should expect its popularity to soar. If you’d like to get started, but would like to receive some help first, check out the many tutorials online. Another tip is to simply deconstruct a ready-made theme.

More multipurpose and virtual reality-optimized themes

Among WordPress developers and its users, multipurpose themes are a favorite. This helps them build all kinds of different websites with amazing functionality and beautiful designs. On more than 25% of the internet, WordPress is currently being used. There are more and more users with websites that specialize in various fields and the demand for multipurpose themes also increases.

In theme markets, the new Virtual Reality or VR-optimized themes are gaining popularity. The idea for virtual reality came from the gaming world, yet it can be useful for many more things. We’ll probably all soon be surfing online through virtual reality devices, and WordPress isn’t wasting any time getting involved.virtual reality optimized wordpress themes

Websites made with the help of WordPress are slowly starting to support VR videos and images, even some self-hosting websites are joining in. To many developers, the notion of adding VR in WordPress isn’t remotely revolutionary, since some even came up with the plug-in named WP-VR-view (compatible with Google Cardboard). Users can add VR images, Photo Sphere, and 360-degree videos to their WordPress.com website. And users who have smartphone devices can easily switch between regular and VR mode.

Software as a service model for business

A one-off payment has been the more traditional approach to selling your services, yet now a few premium WordPress service providers have adopted the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. This model offers advanced functionality at an affordable price.

SaaS is a rather new approach that is increasingly being used by the WordPress crowd. For example, OptinMonster allows users to use products on a subscription basis, this lowers the entry bar and also increases profits and sales.

Before deciding whether the SaaS model is for you, first look at all the pros and cons. What may help you make up your mind would be to read the opinions of several WordPress experts. When you finally do decide to switch to a SaaS business model, make sure to follow some specific steps.

This model is gaining popularity at a rapid rate, and it should gain some more during the year.

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