What Does Inline Image Mean WordPress?

Inline image is a feature of WordPress that allows you to embed images in your posts and pages. When you insert an inline image, WordPress will automatically resize it to fit the width of your post or page.

Inline images are great for adding a quick image to your post, but they can also be used to create more complex layouts. For example, you could use inline images to create a gallery of images, or to create a custom header image for your blog.

Inline images are also great for branding your blog. By including a logo or slogan in your inline image, you can help to create a unique look for your blog.

Overall, inline images are a versatile and easy way to add visual content to your WordPress blog. They can be used to create simple layouts, or to create more complex designs.

Inline images are a great way to add personality to your blog, and to help you stand out from the competition.