The Teams Behind the Themes: PremiumCoding

As you embark on your website-building journey, you will quickly learn that the community developing website themes, templates, and plugins is tight-knit and small.

Websites like ThemeForest offer user discussion areas where members can compliment and critique user-created themes. Some of the larger developers even have their own websites and support teams to help you use their products.

In the interest of highlighting The Teams Behind the Themes, WPThemesChecker is proud to showcase PremiumCoding.

The PMCoding Team

Since 2010, the team at PremiumCoding has been developing WordPress themes with a focus on clean and minimal designs that are also professional and functional.

The five-member team’s design philosophy is to create templates with clean lines and solid colors. This results in themes that have a universal appeal and beauty.

Although the company is now well established, serving nearly 30,000 customers with 28 different themes, they original peddled their wares on ThemeForest.

In 2015 PMCoding decided to go mainstream, launching a theme club in addition to selling individual themes.

PMCoding Themes

PMCoding Themes

PremiumCoding offers 28 different themes starting at $39 each. Divided into different categories, there is seemingly something for every purpose, including Blog, Business, eCommerce, and Portfolio.

The themes are not simple retreads either. Each one is created from the ground up and includes features specific to each purpose. A portfolio theme, for example, will feature plugins aimed at featured photos, while a blogger theme will focus on readability.

PMCoding follows design trends, but also creates templates that stand the test of time. With a clear focus on content, each theme is optimized for SEO.

Like many other companies, PMCoding now offers users the ability to subscribe to their service. For $89, you can access and download all themes with updates, support, and even access to new themes for an entire year. A lifetime membership costs $269.

When your membership expires you can keep and continue using all of the themes you downloaded.

Readers can enter the code PMC10 to get 10% off their next order.

PMCoding Freebies

In addition to the paid collection, users can also download Lite versions of many of the top themes made by PMCoding.

These freebies can serve as a way of taking a test run to see how well they work for your site and how easy they are to customize. Some users might find the Lite themes to be more than enough for their website, however.

In addition to free templates, PMCoding is also a great resource for learning about the latest plugins, internet trends, and fun facts. They also feature themes that others have made, a noble endeavor and a good display of sportsmanship. Their blog is well maintained and definitely worth checking out.

We hope you enjoyed our overview of PMCoding and we encourage you to check out their website and consider one of their many themes. Tell us which is your favorite in the comments and if you would like to be featured on WPThemesChecker, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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