How Do I Redirect a WordPress Page Without Plugins?

There are a few ways to redirect a WordPress page without using plugins. One way is to use the wp_redirect() function. This function can be used to redirect a page to a different location on the same website, or to a different website. To redirect a page using the wp_redirect() function, you will first need to identify the location of the page that you want to redirect. You can do this by looking at the URL of the page, or by using the get_permalink() function.

Next, you will need to identify the new location that you want the page to be redirected to. You can do this by using the wp_redirect() function, or by using the get_new_url() function. The wp_redirect() function will redirect the page to the new location, while the get_new_url() function will return the new URL for the page. Once you have the new URL, you can use it in the wp_redirect() function.