How Do I Move My WordPress Site From a Subfolder to the Root Directory?

Moving a WordPress site from a subfolder to the root directory can be a tricky process. The following steps will help you make the switch:

1. Locate the site’s root directory.

2. Rename the site’s subdirectory to root.

3. Restore the site’s content.

4. Activate the site.

5. Verify the site’s configuration.

6. Launch the site in a web browser.

7. Review the site’s performance.

The root directory of a WordPress site is the directory in which the site’s files are stored. To locate the site’s root directory, you can use the site’s URL, which you can find in the site’s admin area.

For example, the URL for the default WordPress site is

To rename the site’s subdirectory to root, you need to access the site’s administrative area and navigate to the Settings page. Click on the name of the site in the left column of the Settings page, and then click on the Site Address (URL) in the right column.

This will open the Site Address (URL) box, where you can type the URL for the site’s root directory.

To restore the site’s content, you need to upload the site’s content to the root directory. To do this, you can use a web hosting provider’s file-sharing feature or use a web-based file-transfer utility.

After you have restored the site’s content and activated it, the site will be ready to use.

To verify the site’s configuration, you can use the site’s admin area to check the site’s name, address, and other details.

To launch the site in a web browser, you can use the site’s URL or the site’s name in the admin area.

After you have launched the site, you can review the site’s performance in a web browser. If you are happy with the site’s performance, you can finish the migration by activating the site’s WordPress settings.