How Do I Install Health Check on WordPress?

WordPress health check is a free and open source tool that can be used to scan your WordPress website for common issues and warn you about potential problems. To install health check on your WordPress website, follow these steps:

1. Go to the WordPress website and sign in.

2. Click the “Appearance” link in the top menu bar.

3. Under the “Settings” heading, click the “Security” link.

4. Under the “Security” heading, click the “Health” link.

5. On the “Health” page, click the “Install” button.

6. Click the “Install Now” button to install health check.

7. After health check is installed, click the “Health” link to open the health check window.

8. On the “Health” window, under the “Scan” heading, click the “Start Scan” button.

9. After health check is completed, click the “Results” link to view the results.

10. If there are any issues with your website, click the “Fix Issues” button to resolve the problems.

11. Click the “Close” button to close the health check window.

12. Click the “Home” button to return to the WordPress website.

13. Click the “Blog” link to view your blog.

14. If you have any questions or problems using health check, feel free to contact WordPress support.

The main benefit of using health check on your WordPress website is that it can warn you about potential problems with your website. If you notice any issues with your website, health check can help you resolve the problems.