How Do I Disable WordPress Plugins From File Manager?

WordPress plugins can be installed and enabled from the website or by using a plugin manager such as WPBakery Page Builder or Jetpack.

Plugin managers allow users to disable plugins they do not need or want, or to install plugins in a specific order. .

Plugins can be disabled by opening the plugin’s folder in File Manager and deleting the plugin’s files. Alternatively, plugin managers can be used to disable plugins automatically after a set period of inactivity or after a certain number of failed activation attempts.

Plugin managers can also be used to manage the order in which plugins are loaded, which can be helpful if users want to disable a plugin but still want to use certain features from it. Finally, plugin managers can be used to delete unused plugins, which can save space on a server and help protect against malware.

Overall, plugin managers are a useful way to manage and disable WordPress plugins, and they should be used if users want to control which plugins are enabled and how they are loaded.