How Do I Create a Multiple Archive Page in WordPress?

Multiple archive pages are a great way to organize your content in WordPress. You can create as many pages as you need, and each page can have a different layout and theme. To create a multiple archive page, first log in to your WordPress site. Then go to the Posts tab and click on the Create New Post button. In the Title field, type a phrase that will identify this post as a multiple archive page. In the Content field, type a brief description of the post.

Click on the Create Post button. On the Edit Post Page screen, under the Archives heading, click on the Add Archive Page button. In the Add Archive Page dialog box, type a name for this new page, and click on the OK button. This will create a new page in your WordPress site. You can now add posts to this page just as you would any other post. To make the posts on this page appear as part of an archive, select the Select All check box next to the Posts heading on the Edit Post Page screen.