How Do I Create a Gallery Page in WordPress?

Creating a gallery in WordPress is easy. Just create a new post, and add a gallery shortcode to the body of the post. The shortcode takes the following form:

The gallery ids parameter specifies which gallery to display the photos in. You can use any number of gallery ids, and they will all be displayed in the same order.

You can also specify which gallery to use as the default. To do this, add the gallery_default parameter to the shortcode:

Now, any photos that are added to the post will be added to the my Gallery gallery. You can also use the gallery_sort parameter to sort the photos in the gallery.

Finally, you can specify whether the photos in the gallery are shown in full size or in a smaller size. To do this, add the gallery_show_full_size parameter to the shortcode:


The default is to show the photos in full size.