How Do I Create a Flipbook in WordPress?

Flipbooks are a great way to show off your photos and videos in a creative way. You can create a flipbook in WordPress using a few simple steps.

First, create a new WordPress site. Next, install the Flipbook plugin.

After the plugin is installed, go to the plugin’s settings page and enter your site’s URL into the “Flipbook URL” field.

Now, you need to create your flipbook content. You can use any photos or videos you want, and you can even add music to your flipbook.

To create a flipbook, click the “Create Flipbook” button on the plugin’s main page.

After your flipbook is created, you can add it to your WordPress site using the “Add New Page” button. You can also drag and drop your flipbook into the WordPress content editor to add it to a page.

When you’re done editing your flipbook, click the “Publish” button to publish it online. Your flipbook will now be available for everyone to see.


Creating a flipbook in WordPress is easy, and the Flipbook plugin makes it a breeze to publish your flipbook online. Thanks for reading!.