How Do I Change the Header Position in WordPress?

When you create a new WordPress blog or website, the default header and footer positions are at the bottom of the page. To change the header position, follow these steps:

1. In the WordPress admin area, click on the “Appearance” tab.

2. In the “Header & Footer” section, under “Page Header & Footer,” select the position you want for the header and footer.

3. Click “Update” to apply the changes.

4. If you want to change the header color, under “Header & Footer” in the same section, select the color you want.


6. If you want to add any text to the header or footer, click on the “Text” tab and enter the text you want.


8. Click the “Publish” button to save the changes and publish your blog or website.

9. Congratulations! You have now changed the header position in WordPress.