How Do I Add a Menu Item in WordPress Without a Link?

Adding a menu item in WordPress is a simple process, but it can be a bit daunting if you don’t have a link to start from. There are a few different ways you can add a menu item without a link.

1. Use the menus widget.

This is the easiest way to add a menu item without a link. All you need to do is install the widget and add a menu item. .

2. Use the add_menu_item() function. This is the core function of WordPress that allows you to add a menu item without a link. To use this function, you need to know the menu ID of the menu you want to add the item to.

To find the menu ID, go to the WordPress admin area and look for the menu tab. On the menu tab, look for the menu name and then look for the ID number next to it.

3. Use the add_submenu_item() function. This function is similar to the add_menu_item() function, but it allows you to add a submenu item instead of a menu item.