How Do I Add a Category to an Image in WordPress Without Plugins?

Adding a category to an image in WordPress without plugins is possible, but requires a bit of work. First, you’ll need to create a category in WordPress.

To do this, go to your WordPress Admin area and click on the “Categories” link in the left-hand column. This will open the Categories screen, where you can create a new category or delete an existing one.

Once you’ve created the category, you’ll need to add an image to it. To do this, click on the “Add New” button and browse to the image you want to add to the category.

Once you’ve found the image, click on it to select it and then click on the “Add to Category” button. This will add the image to the category and return you to the Categories screen.

Now that the image is in the category, you’ll need to make sure it’s displayed on the website. To do this, go to the “Categories” screen and click on the “All Categories” link at the top.

This will open the “All Categories” screen, where you can select the category the image belongs to. Once you’ve selected the category, the image will be displayed on the website.