The Teams Behind the Themes: Gabfire Themes

As you embark on your website-building journey, you will quickly learn that the community developing website themes, templates, and plugins is tight-knit and small.

Websites like ThemeForest offer user discussion areas where members can compliment and critique user-created themes. Some of the larger developers even have their own websites and support teams to help you use their products.

In the interest of highlighting The Teams Behind the Themes, WPThemesChecker is proud to showcase Gabfire.

The Gabfire Team

Gabfire was founded in 2007 by Mehmet Ozekinci and Charlie Patel. Although one resides in Estonia and the other in the United States, this dynamic duo came together out of a love for web development and the WordPress platform.

The decade-old company employs a small team which is responsible for creating, testing, marketing, and selling the dozens of WordPress themes and plugins it offers.

Known for their quality and highly-rated products, Gabfire is thriving today among people who want a website that is both attractive and functional.

The Gabfire Themes Catalog

gabfire themes

Users can select from a library of 23 different website templates. They are divided into categories, including magazine, business, niche, and responsive. That means there is something for everyone.

Starting at just $59 per theme, each includes its own special features relevant to both the template and niche, which provides for a truly customized experience.

Features to be found in each theme include fully responsive design, infinite color options, HTML5 videos, BootStrap, Font Awesome, image sliders, SEO optimization, and specially designed Gabfire modules.

The Event Master theme, for example, is their solution for event planners and is designed to work for conferences, concerts, plays, meetups, festival, premieres, and more. This is accomplished via a theme control panel that allows you to make dozens of changes to how your website looks and functions.

You can demo any of the themes before you try them, or, alternatively, download the free QuickStart theme and take a more hands on approach. You can use it to learn about the Gabfire framework or even to base your website on.

If you are interested in purchasing a theme on the company’s website, you can use coupon code 25OFF on the checkout page to get 25% discount on your purchase.

Gabfire Plugins

While Gabfire’s themes are impressive in their own right, they are even further enhanced by a library of plugins, designed by sister company 99 Robots, that solve many common problems and increase your website’s effectiveness.

They so good, that it’s worth discussing a few just to whet your appetite:

WP Background Takeover

gabfire wp background takeover

This is the most popular plugin in the company’s arsenal because what it does is so innovative that, if you monetize your website, it’s a must have.

Simply put, Background Takeover enables you to place background advertisements on your site, which are shown to increase sales, drive visitors where you want them, maximize ad visibility, and improve click-through rates.

This is something most you may have seen before, but probably didn’t consider until now. 

Author Box

gabfire author box

With the expectations of an open and honest internet, it is not more important than ever before to provide author information to build trust with your audience.

You can showcase your post authors with the intuitive Author Box plugin, which allows you to create a customized bio and user profile for everyone working on your website. 

This simple concept has been shown to increase readership and your own trustworthiness.

Interstitial Overlays

interstitial overlays gabfire

No matter how you use your website, there is always a reason to consider a website overlay. An overlay presents visitors with a box of information that you want to call to their attention before they begin browsing your site. 

This can include an advertisement, an email signup prompt, a terms of service agreement, or even an age verification.

The best part is that the overlays you create are guaranteed to increase conversions and you can even track them independently from the rest of the content on your website. 

The Gabfire Blog

Finally, users will want to make their way over to the Gabfire blog. On it, you will find guest posts by experts in the field, discounts on Gabfire products, tutorials, coding secrets, and special previews of what’s to come.

We hope you enjoyed our overview of Gabfire and we encourage you to check out their website and themes selection. Let us know which of their themes is your favorite in the comments and if you would like to be featured on WPThemesChecker, don’t hesitate to reach out

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