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Beauty websites need to have a certain type of aura about them. They have to be elegant, fragile in a way, and sensible. If that’s what you’re looking for in a beauty and cosmetics website, then Spa Lab is just the theme for you. Great animations and effects, combined with an elegant design create the perfect spa, wellness, and beauty-related website. A great starting point for websites of this type.

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Yes, spas are a great business. And they mainly rely on media to get their clients. And what better way to get your business out there than create a website. And not just any website – created with Spa Lab. As you can see from the screenshot, this is an amazingly looking theme. There are very few things that you could say are not at the right place.

One of the main features of the theme is the visual shortcode generator. With it you can easily import content and content holders into your posts and pages. That’s by far the easiest way to do so. Even though the term does have “code” in it, you won’t have to look at any code at all. You don’t even have to understand it. That’s why the generator is there – to give you an understanding of what the code is going to do. But why use shortcodes then? They are easy to distribute across other pots and pages. Let’s say that you have a shortcode for a piece of information text that you want to have on a few pages of your site. You just copy and paste it, wherever you want, without worrying about anything.

But I want another design…

The demo of this theme is created only for an indication of what you can do with the theme. It is by no means the design that you are going to be using in your real website.

We are so sure about this, because Spa Lab is a great theme. There is a great admin panel where you can edit almost every little detail of the theme. That allows you to create a customized website which is branded to match your company’s colors and layout vision.

Apart from the great admin panel, there are also other tools that you can use to create a design/layout that is different. For instance, the live customizer is full of useful settings and options which you can edit. That includes fonts, search functions, colors, widgets, and turning certain features on and off. You can upload your own logo and favicon.

That’s not all

There are other things that are going to make you fall in love with the theme. One of them is WooCommerce. This is the leading plugin when it comes to eCommerce. With that plugin you can both sell physical and digital products. You can even sell discounted coupons for spa weekends at your place! Or you can create an online store where you sell the products that you recommend. There are many possibilities.

There are custom page types for therapists and procedures. They are optimized to show the information about the people that work at your center and the types of procedures that can be found at your center (and what they are about).

Main Features:

  • Custom Typography
  • WooCommerce
  • 5 header types
  • Catalog pages
  • Gift card feature
  • Mega Menu
  • Custom post types

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