As you might have already guessed, Parasponsive is a parallax and responsive WordPress theme which could be used for many purposes. It has amazingly smooth animations and beautiful effects. Even though it is multi-purpose our research has shown that this theme makes an exceptional portfolio.

There are several different sliders included that would allow creative designers and photographers to take advantage of the cool ways to display their visual work. The theme is also SEO optimized, and SEO tools are included to ensure that you rank higher in search engines.

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The Power of Parasponsive

Creating a portfolio isn’t the only thing that you can do with this beautiful theme. It also has seamless integration with WooCommerce, meaning that you can create an online store in the matter of a few minutes. Thanks to the power of WooCommerce, you can integrate many features and have an online store with custom filtering, ordering, and more. Keep in mind that WooCommerce also supports extensions. Those are mini-plugins that extend the funcionality of the eCommerce plugin. With those you can easily add more payment methods, analytics tools, and more.

Whether you are going to build an online store, a portfolio, or just a personal blog, you will surely want to reach as many people as possible. Parasponsive is multilingual ready and it’s compatible with WPML. You just have to install the plugin and you are ready to start translating your website into any language you want.

Parasponsive is built using Bootstrap. In other words, that means that your theme will be perfectly responsive. It’s going to fit perfectly in any screen size. Whether people are visiting you from their PCs, or devices with higher pixel density, like smartphones, the theme will be lain out perfectly, removing the need of horizontal scrolling.

What You Can do With Parasponsive

We’ve already mentioned that this theme is multipurpose. But what does that mean for you? It means that you will be able to create different websites without having to put in a lot of work. Thanks to the homepage layout builder, you can easily create custom layouts and build the perfect homepage. Parasponsive also has several different page and post types, enabling you to spend as little time as possible creating new layouts for those.

Importing little modules, like Google Maps and contact forms is also very easy. Most of it is done via shortcodes, which are generated via a small tool, exclusive to the theme. You won’t have to remember shortcodes. The generator has a wizard-like interface, showing you all of the information that needs to be filled prior to the model inclusion.

The powerful admin panel gives you full control over how the theme looks and performs. There are sharing buttons, pricing tables, and, for your portfolio, a powerful AJAX loading feature. The latter is, currently, the best way to have all your content on one page, without requiring the visitor to load it all at once. That improves page loading speed by reducing the amount of data that has to be downloaded in order for your page to be displayed properly.

And last, but not least, comes the parallax effect. This is one of the most popular visual effects when it comes to WordPress themes. Parasponsive makes it very easy for you to set parallax images and effects all around your website. Thanks to the admin panel you can configure some more advanced settings as well.


Main Features:

  • Responsive blog videos (as well as the whole theme)
  • WooCommerce
  • Google Maps integrated
  • Fast loading speed
  • Google Analytics integrated
  • Portfolio hover effects


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