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Do you offer courses, or any other type of education online? Most of the WordPress themes created are fit to other needs. Now there’s Clever Course, a theme which allows you to easily create a website for your courses. With the theme you can easily promote and sell your courses, without having to add any extra features and extra plugins to make the theme fit for your needs. Take a look now, you will be amazed!

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Actually, there isn’t much that can be said about the theme. There aren’t many themes that will allow you to create an online course website. This is why this theme is so unique. Even though we think that the theme is designed very well, the problem is that there aren’t any others with which you can compare this one.

The “learning” features

If this is a theme to help you create an online course website, then it needs to have some kind of features that are going to provide you with the basic tools for creating the platform. Well, there are. First of all, there are the online quizzes. The theme has a tool which allows you to create quizzes. The results can be automatically checked if they are true. But if you want to give your courses more flexibility, you might want to leave the open questions for manual checking. You can set predefined strings of answers, but you will have to make sure that you cover all of the cases. In your course site you are going to be making quizzes quite often (or at least the people that are creating the courses), so you should learn more about the feature on the more info website.

Besides quizzes, you can also upload videos and other materials for the courses. Of course, those are the things that are actually going to make the courses. The courses themselves can easily be divided into onsite and online. Even though the two sound familiar, they are different. In other words, Clever Course can also double as a website for your university or any type of learning institution. You can upload help materials about the topics discussed in class.

How will my website look?

It’s good to know that the theme has so many different features that are going to make it a great resource for learning, but user experience is just as important. If you are not able to give your students good UX, then you are not going to become very popular (or not many actual onsite students are going to use the website.

If you are looking for a greatly designed theme, then this is the one for you. It not only has a good looking demo, but the settings and the admin panel are going to help you create a personalized website, with your own logo, favicon, navigation styles, and more.

The live customizer contains a lot of the styling attributes that you will want to edit. Everything from colors and fonts, to navigation and custom widgets can be set there.

Clever Course supports all of the major payment gateways. Of course, that includes PayPal. That can be used if you want your website to be used as an online course place where people pay to see the content.

Main Features:

  • Online courses and quizzes
  • Page Builder
  • Instructor pages
  • PayPal payment integrated
  • Great student backend
  • Master slider
  • Great admin panel for theme customization

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