Austin is a theme created for all types of agencies and businesses. With its great visual effects, photographers, artists, designers, and others in the visual arts industry could benefit from it greatly. The theme includes stunning portfolio pages, custom shortcodes, and a responsive design which will make sure that even mobile device browsers show your website perfectly.

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The Benefits of Using a Multipurpose Theme

As you might have already inferred from the opening paragraph, Austin is a multipurpose theme which can be used for a few different types of websites. Whether you want to create a website for your agency, or you need to create a portfolio for a photographer, then this is a theme that can provide you with a good solution.

The real benefit, however, is that you can use the theme on many websites, and make it look different on every one of them. Thanks to the powerful admin panel, and a few of the features which we are going to talk about, this is a purchase which is actually going to save you money, given that you need to build more than one website.

Even if that’s not enough features for you, keep in mind that the theme also supports WooCommerce. In other words, you have practically no bounds on what websites you can create. However, since this is not the main purpose of the theme, you might have to play around with the settings and create an optimized eCommerce layout by yourself. However, that shouldn’t be a hard task. The theme comes packed with 30 different page sections. You can easily compose pages by just dragging and dropping those page sections in the order that you want them to appear.

Why This Should be Your Next Agency Website or Portfolio

Even though multipurpose themes are sometimes thought to have many different average “faces”, that’s not the case with Austin. As you can see from the theme’s demo, the theme comes optimized for both agencies and portfolios. Austin comes with several different shortcodes which are going to help you import content and modules quickly. The shortcode generator is going to make sure that you’re going to have an easy time importing them in your posts and pages.

Austin has amazing sliders. This is a crucial element when building either an agency website or a portfolio. That’s the feature that enables you to build beautiful responsive slideshows within your posts and pages. Whether people are visiting from their PC or from a smartphone, Austin’s sliders will show perfectly. It supports swipe gestures which is a really important factor as well.

The gallery feature of Austin is no less amazing. It allows you to quickly and beautifully place your photos in a way that will leave great pleasure to those that are browsing them. You can fully customize how the gallery is going to be displayed.

There are also many post and page types that are directly related to owning an agency website or portfolio. They are going to help you build your website quicker and show your content in an optimized layout. That might sound a bit far-fetched, but once you start building your website, you will want every detail to be perfect and done within the shortest period of time.

Overall, this is a great theme for many purposes, but it’s best when you use it for either a portfolio or an agency website. You can build online stores and blogs with Austin, but they will not be as influentially looking. However, the features which the theme possesses makes up for that fact.

Main Features:

  • Several portfolio and gallery templates
  • Ajax image loading
  • Packed and spaced image layouts
  • Pricing tables
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Testimonials
  • 1500+ retina ready icons

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